Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thermoforming in Hampton, South Carolina

Did you know that we have thermoforming facility in South Carolina????

The headquarters for our Heavy Gauge Thermoforming operations are located in Dale, Indiana.  We also have an established facility in Hampton, South Carolina.  This has provided convenience and access for our customers in the southern states.

We feel it is important to serve our customers, and in 2008 we were able meet their needs by purchasing another facility in South Carolina.  When dealing with Heavy Gauge plastic products logistics often becomes a point of concern.  Being closer to our customers in the south has allowed them to reduce their logistic costs.  We simply extrude the plastic sheet at our facility in Dale, Indiana, and ship the plastic sheet to our Hampton, South Carolina facility to be thermoformed.  This facility continues to allow us to be that single supplier, but yet reduces shipping costs for our customers in the southern and eastern states.

Our thermoforming facility in Hampton, South Carolina is located only 4 hours away from Atlanta, Georgia. It takes less than a half an hour to access I-95 from our Hampton, South Carolina facility.  Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia are less than 2 hours away from our facility as well.

Francis Hirt
If location is key to your business then speak with Francis Hirtour Southeastern Regional Sales Manager @ 931.680.0879

Friday, October 4, 2013

Thermoformed Plastic Enclosures - How to make them Stronger!

Thermoformed plastic enclosures fall into many categories from outhouses, storage sheds, underground equipment, deer blinds, tool boxes, and all the way to large cabins for utility vehicles.

Many of these I have listed are larger plastic enclosures.  So the question is...
    "How in the world do you make plastic enclosures stronger?"
                    Simple... Use Twin Sheet Thermoforming

When using Heavy Gauge plastic it is possible to increase the structural strength of those thermformed plastic enclosures by using the Twin Sheet Thermoforming method.  Twin sheet thermoforming is the heating of two extruded plastic sheets simultaneously, and then forming and sealing or fusing these two sheets together during the thermoforming process. 

When using Twin Sheeting this produces a hollow part.  Inside this hollow part separate components can be placed inside before or after the plastic enclosure is formed.  This could be needed to add strength, for mounting purposes, aesthetic looks, or could be just a creative idea your company has.  This hollow part could also be foam filled to insulate or reduce noise.

There are many outdoor thermoformed plastic enclosures that incorporate doors or lids.  When dealing with hinges in outdoor plastic structures consider the effect that weather has on a metal hinge.  Why not try a Thermoformed Plastic living Hinge if you already have a Twin Sheet Thermoformed part.

There are so many opportunities out there in the world of Plastic Enclosures.  There are many ways to make plastic stronger, and more durable.  It takes a good innovative idea to make things happen.

Spencer Industries Inc. has engineers working directly with our customers, and with the operators forming the parts on the shop floor.  Our engineers have the manufacturing experience to tailor your design to optimize the performance, price and tooling costs for your plastic thermoformed enclosure.  You better believe that they love a good challenge, and we love to see our customers succeed!

If you have a plastic enclosure question please don't hesitate to call us  800-937-4561  ext. 225 .

               We are not afraid to try new ideas!

                                 We know our Heavy Gauge Plastic!

                                                    We have 30+ years in experience!