Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thermoforming in the Central Time Zone in Indiana

Here in Southern Indiana our time zones are so close you can drive a few miles down the road and be in a different time zone. I'm not kidding either take a look for yourself --> Indiana Time Zones!

Here at Spencer Industries Inc. we operate on the Central Time Zone CST. I just want to clarify this because we have so many people ask. I thought maybe posting it in a blog would help get the word out.

So... if you need a Thermoforming supplier that operates near the Central Time zone you have found your Thermoformer!! 

Our office hours are 7:00 am - 4:30 PM CST.

Our Thermoformers & Extrusion lines run 24 hrs x 5 days / week
            .. sometimes more if a customer has a deadline to meet.

We are probably one of the most flexible Thermoformers you will ever work with!
note:  A big thank you to Joe for letting me take a picture of his AWESOME clock for the blog article even though it does say Kentucky on it.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Consider Color.. When Changing Metal over to Plastic Thermoforming

When considering converting Metal products over to plastic products be sure to take color into consideration.  This should be one of the things on the list when determining if Plastic is the right solution for you!
  • Avoid the extra cost painting metal by choosing from a variety of plastic color options.

  • Tons of Color Options.... Most plastics can be colored across the palette to deliver your particular color needs and part appearance.

  • Plastic ABS, Polystyrene, Acrylic, TPO, Polyethylene, Luran, and Centrex can be colored and have various gloss and textures as well, which broadens the performance choices.

  • Co-extrusion provides additional color combinations that can provide gloss or matte finishes by using different but compatible polymers in layers with each layer having its own appearance.

  • ABS plastic capped with a weatherable polymer has been a long standing choice for outdoor applications while TPO plastic, a new polymer offers performance, low thermal expansion and contraction rates, and resists long term weathering as well.

  • Camo & Brushed Aluminum Films - If you like a Camo or special look like Brushed Aluminum, these too can be attained by laminating cap films during the sheet extrusion process to further expand the possibilities, and while Microban is not a color, this antimicrobial additive can also be incorporated in the cap or caps of the sheet.

  • All of these plastic sheet choices are extruded at Spencer Industries Inc. for our thermoforming customers, providing faster deliveries and truly custom choices.

  • Polycarbonate, PVC , glass filled TPO, Kydex, and Senosan sheets are purchased for applications as needed.
These options provide the material for thermoforming parts that might be substituted for metal, saving weight and eliminating painting in your applications. 
If you have more questions about Color options for Thermoformed Plastic please email us .

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cost Savings - Converting Metal or Fiberglass parts to Plastic… Consider This….

In the world of thermoforming converting both cosmetic and structural parts from metal or fiberglass to plastic can be a great cost savings. Metal parts such as a large tool box, fenders for a vehicle, cowls, and SUV Vehicle Roofs would be great candidates to consider for this change. These changes could also improve the part’s performance, esthetic look, and durability as well as providing a cost savings.

Consider … Color
Avoid painting Metal or Fiberglass by using a colored plastic.

Consider… Durability & Product Life
Metal parts can become rusty or pitted. Metal can also show hail damage. TPO can provide U.V. Stability.

Consider…. Extra Hardware
Plastic can be molded using methods and techniques that could reduce the need for metal hinges, and hardware. This could also in turn reduce the need for assembly labor.

Consider.. Appearance
Acrylic capped sheet can rival the appearance of gel coated fiberglass. New materials like TPO can provide U.V. stability. Films can also be applied to plastics to make it appear they are metal, or films such as Camouflage patterns can be applied to give a more unique cosmetic appeal.

Consider… Strength
There are methods available such as Twin Sheet Thermoforming, and mechanically inserting supports as the plastic is molded. It is possible to design radii and ribs that are not practical in metal, foam filling, and material choices for different specific performance issues.

Consider.. Shipping Weight
Metal parts tend to weigh much more than plastics parts.

Don’t let plastic fool you! When considering the change from Metal or Fiberglass over to plastic keep an open mind. The key is to think outside the box, and to have an engineer that will listen and make it happen!