Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spencer Industries 2010 Scholarship Winners Announced

We are proud to announce that recipients of the 2010 Spencer Industries Primary Scholarship in the amount of $1,415 each are Derek Brown, son of Kenny and Darlene Brown, and Jessica Ritter, daughter of Jody Dodd.

The winners of the Special Supplemental Scholarship Drawing in the amount of $250 each are Caitlin Hedinger, daugher of Lisa Hedinger, and Joshua Rhoades, Son of Randy Rhoades.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Reduce Product Production Cost by adding a Plastic Living Hinge Vs. Traditional Metal Hinges

I have been writing about different ways to reduce the cost of producing products.  Design and Engineering are key to producing a high aesthetic product, but one goal usually is to keeping the total project cost down. 

Here is another idea to ponder....
  • Replace a Traditional Metal Hinge with a Plastic Living Hinge
  •   Plastic Living Hinge ??  A Living hinge is similar to the hinge on a Tic-Tac breathmint container.. but picture it on a much larger scale....   
    Imagine the Savings!
      • No hinges to order! Lower Inventory costs!
      • No extra labor/machine time to fasten them to the product. They are already there molded into the product.
      • No risk for rust, and no need to grease the hinge.
Plastic Living Hinge
similar to the hinge on a Tic-Tac Container but large scale

We have put together an example of a Twin Sheet Thermoformed Roll-up Door with a Plastic Living Hinge.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Plastic Can Reduce Manufacturing Costs... Replace Metal with Plastic

Naturally plastic weighs less than most metals.  There are many things that can be done to save on manufacturing costs of a product if you can reduce the weight or components.  Here is an idea to ponder...

  • Replace Metal with a Thermoformed Plastic Component
    • Replacing any size piece of metal with Thermoformed plastic Component can reduce the weight of the product.  This will also lower the packing requirements and shipping costs.
    • Worried about Strength?  Twin Sheeting is a proven solution to add structural integrity to a plastic thermoformed component.

The Velocity Tanning Bed is a great example of a product where a Thermoformed Plastic Component was used in place of Metal to reduce production and shipping costs.