Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Plastic Manufacturing in the USA

We are proud to be a Plastic Manufacturer in the USA supplying Custom Thermoformed parts all over the United States!

Our molds are made in the USA, and our parts are all manufactured from resin made in the United States as well.

Keeping business in the United States is very important, as this strengthens our economy!

We fly our flag with Pride!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Light Penetration Properties of Plastic

We posted a quiz last week on Opaque Plastic. Here are the voting results of optical properties of Opaque Plastic.

20% voted - Light will pass through. Can be seen through.
40% voted - Light will not pass through. Cannot be seen through.
40% voted - Light will pass through. Cannot be seen through.

The 2nd choice is the correct answer
Opaque - Light will not pass through. Cannot be seen through.

This is something that is easily confused. Plastic is often classified relative to light penetration because many plastics possess unique properties. There are 4 different types of light penetration It is much easier to differentiate them when their properties are side by side.

  • Opaque - Light will not pass through. Cannot be seen through.
  • Transparent - Light will pass through. Can be seen through.
  • Translucent - Light will pass through cannot be seen through.
  • Luminescent - (a) fluorescent: emits light only when electrons are being excited, usually transparent; (b) phosphorescent: gives off light energy more slowly than it takes on light, translucent.
  • Tuesday, September 8, 2009

    Thermoforming Cost Reduction Opportunity

    Thermoforming is often a great cost reduction opportunity when producing custom products.

    methods can be used to reduce cost by eliminate painting and some sub assembly operations. This combined with the ability to mold in unique geometries that can replace components and additional hardware are just few ways to cut costs.

    Take our Door- In-a Door Refrigerator Door program for example.
    We used this similar theory in the design stage of the product to produce and improve the Door-In-A-Door program. Spencer Industries worked with the customer to develop a new twin sheet formed version of this product that greatly reduced the number of component parts and the overall cost, while yielding a product that was as aesthetically pleasing and functional as its predecessor.

    Twin Sheet Thermoforming is one of the thermoforming methods that can be used. We chose the Twin Sheet thermoforming process on this door which eliminated the sub assembly of the traditional separate interior and exterior injection molded pieces. Our process allowed us to trap hidden structural components between the two sheets.

    This provided a huge savings for our customer!

    Feel free to contact us to review your cost cutting needs.

    Thursday, September 3, 2009

    What does ABS Stand for?

    ABS is an acronym that is very commonly used in the plastics industry. This acronym has become part of our every day vocabulary, but do you know what it really stands for?